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Beach Bar DoDo| The Best Hidden Bar in Dubrovnik

  Off the beaten path, and honestly a little difficult to find, Beach Bar Dodo is one of Dubrovnik's must experience locations. While droves of tourists pile into Buza bar, Dodo has managed to stay more of a local spot that doesn’t get too crowded.     The first thing...

The Dubrovnik Cable Car

If you are heading to Dubrovnik, chances are you plan to ride the Dubrovnik cable car to the top of Mount Srd. Here is my run down on when to visit, how much it costs, and what to expect.   The Best Time To Go     The cable car opens daily at 9am regardless of season....

The Best Transportation In Dubrovnik

Depending on where you are staying in Dubrovnik, you may find that you need some type of transportation to navigate the city. But what is the best mode of transportation when it comes to needing to get around in Dubrovnik?   What Is The Best Mode Of Transportation In...

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

  On our recent trip to Dubrovnik we stayed in a lovely AirBNB villa. However, we were lucky enough to be day guests on afternoon at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace so I wanted to share our experience there in that regards . A Quick Tour Of The Hotel     Hotel Dubrovnik...

Art Cafe | A Review of Dubrovnik’s Quirkiest Cafe

  When searching online prior to my trip, there were a ton of mixed reviews for Art Cafe in Dubrovnik. Despite the fact that people complained of rude service I felt that I needed to take a chance and see this quirky cafe.     It isn’t very often that you come across...

Carry On Essentials For International Flights

If you are like me, you most likely overpack when you travel. I am the kind of person who thinks I need to carry three different notebooks in my backpack incase an idea strikes me mid flight. Luckily, through trial and error over the years I have finally managed to pare down my carry on essentials for International flights.

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