Start a blog they said. It will be fun. When you first start a blog to share your adventures or knowledge you honestly just think that you will write when you feel like it, post your photos, and that will be the end of it.

It didn’t take me too long to realize that there was much more involved in running a blog besides just posting. There were editorial calendars to keep up with, social media campaigns and interactions, photo editing, brainstorming, and a slew of other activities that required quite a bit of my time.

While there were so many tasks to do, I knew that if I could just get organized that I could get a system down and make blogging work for me. I printed out every editorial calendar I found, used bullet journals for my tasks and made spreadsheets for just about everything that you can imagine.

In the end, I was still pretty frustrated that I didn’t have all of my structured blog tasks in one place. That is when a fellow blogger recommended I try CoSchedule. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was the answer to all my blogging prayers.

If you are starting a travel blog or even just thinking about starting blog of some sort, you might be interested in using Co Schedule to keep your blogging tasks and editorial calendar coordinated. So far it has been the number one tool that has helped me get a grip on my productivity.

What the Heck Is Co Schedule?

CoSchedule is an Editorial and Marketing calendar that integrates with WordPress, all your social media, and even your Google Calendar. It is an easy way for me to plan my editorial calendar and social media posts all in one place. I honestly never have to worry about my social media because it is set up to automate every post on every platform I use.


Why Would I need CoSchedule?

If you are a blogger running the show yourself (or even if you have a team) you might benefit from the organizational benefits of this cloud based tool. I use CoSchedule both on my phone as well as the Word Press Plug in that helps integrate everything in one place.


One of my favorite parts of CoSchedule is that I can create tasks for individual parts of my workflow. This helps keep my blog process on point and organized. I never have to wonder if I am ready to add photos to a post, because I can look right at my mapped out workflow.


On days when I feel that a scheduled post is just not ready for me to release I can also use the easy drag and drop features within the tool. I do this a lot when it comes to social media as well. I am constantly moving around my Instagram photos on the calendar to coordinate with what I am currently posting about on my blog.


So Co Schedule Handles Social Media?

I currently use Co Schedule for all of my social media scheduling and it saves me so much time. Once I have scheduled a post I can automatically create a social media campaign for it on any of the platforms I use.


Co Schedule also calculates the best time to post to social so that I don’t have to worry if it is key time that my audience will be engaging with my content. I currently use Co Schedule for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and love that I never have to worry about what is happening with my social media content calendar because a quick overall look tells me all I need to know.

I also don’t have to use several different planning and scheduling tools for social media. This saves me so much time when it comes to creating and scheduling social media content.


I can also keep track of my social analytics through CoSchedule, so I always know which type of posts are getting the most interaction. I love that I don’t have to visit each individual social media platform to gather this data every month.

Is It Free?

You can actually try CoSchedule for free for a whole month to decide if it is the right tool for you or not. After that you can subscribe to an individual plan starting at $15 a month.

But Is It Worth It?

I think this is the question you are really waiting to hear the answer to. As someone who has blogged for the last 4 or 5 years CoSchedule is actually the one tool that has changed my game when it comes to blogging. So yes, I certainly think that the investment that I have made in this product it worth it.

A lot of bloggers waste so much time going back and forth between different tools and platforms, creating spreadsheets, and having sticky notes all over the place. For me the answer is simple because I have chosen CoSchedule. CoSchedule also allows me to spend more time enjoying the things I set out to do like traveling and creating new adventures, instead of sitting at my computer and working away.

If you are still not sure about CoSchedule you really have nothing to lose by giving it a free 30 day trial. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of it so far!

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