When searching online prior to my trip, there were a ton of mixed reviews for Art Cafe in Dubrovnik. Despite the fact that people complained of rude service I felt that I needed to take a chance and see this quirky cafe.



It isn’t very often that you come across a place as uniquely decorated as Art Cafe. I was not willing to miss my chance on this instagram gold.


Seeing More Than Old Town


We decided to explore a little bit more of Dubrovnik on the day our boat tour got canceled. This lead us to discover a whole new part of the city outside of the walls that we didn’t even realize existed.



Art Cafe is past a heavily touristy area near the Pile Gate of old town. If you can make it past this swarm of people booking Game of Thrones tours and exchanging money you can take the short walk up the hill to find this adorable cafe.

Despite the crowds just a short five minute walk away, Art Cafe is a quiet covered patio area where you can grab a coffee or a cocktail. I contribute this to the mass of people looking to experience old town.


So Cute and Quirky


When we arrived there were only a few spots taken outside. I went ahead and walked into the cafe to ask the waitress if we should wait or seat ourselves. She was very friendly and let me know that we could sit wherever we liked.



We quickly found a spot on one of the colorful benches outside. At Art Cafe the benches are all made out of repurposed bathtubs. Most tables are made out of old washing machine drums.



Everything in Art Cafe appears to have been made out of something repurposed. Everything of course was painted in bright hues of pink, green, yellow, and blue which I loved.



We ordered a few glasses of champagne which we sat on the patio to enjoy. This is a great place to catch up and plot out the rest of your day since it is so quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Old Town.


Don’t Miss The Inside


If you pop in for a drink be sure to check out the inside as well. Even the bathroom is decorated with kitschy decor and you can spend a good amount of time just taking in everything there is to see.



The cafe is actually much larger than it looks as well, so if you arrive and all the tables outside are taken take a chance inside. There are a few high tops in the front area along with more seating in the back that is a little hidden.



If you are just looking for a quiet place to have a drink or two and need to get some photos for your instagram feed, then check out Art Cafe. Like anywhere else, it is what you make it.



Don’t think this is a place where you can pop in and have a quick drink. The service is a little slower but I think that if you know what to expect then you can prepare yourself and still have a lovely time while being able to enjoy the atmosphere.

If you are looking for more fun things to do on your next trip to Dubrovnik be sure to check out my post on the city’s bar with the most beautiful view.

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