Off the beaten path, and honestly a little difficult to find, Beach Bar Dodo is one of Dubrovnik’s must experience locations. While droves of tourists pile into Buza bar, Dodo has managed to stay more of a local spot that doesn’t get too crowded.



The first thing that I should point out is that if you don’t know where this bar is located you may have a very hard time finding it. Due to its location GPS can point you in the general direction, but may not get you to the destination you are searching for.



It took a few tries for us to be successful in finding Bar Dodo and just when we were on the brink of giving up it appeared. If you have the patience to look for this gem you will be greatly rewarded.



Bar Dodo calls itself a beach bar, most likely due to the small pebbled beach that it is right above. On the day we visited there were a few people sunbathing. I would imagine that this area can get quite crowded during the summer months.



My favorite part about Bar Dodo was of course the swings at the bar. I am a huge fan of bar swings and have never passed up the opportunity to sit at one. We enjoyed draft Ozjuskos while we enjoyed the weather and lovely view of the Adriatic Sea.



Since the bar is pretty small there was only the one waiter. He was able to serve the entire bar of people and remain friendly while doing so. During our time here there were several groups of both locals and tourists that wandered in.



Out of all the places we visited in Dubrovnik, Bar Dodo was definitely one of my favorite locations. Put it on your list of must visit beach bars for your next trip to Croatia.



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