Buza bar is one of the most popular yet very hidden attractions in Dubrovnik’s Old City. No trip inside the city’s ancient walls is complete without at least one stop in this one of a kind location.

Stumbling Into Buza Bar


There is seriously no where else like it when it comes to enjoying a drink on the side of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. We managed to make our way here a few times while visiting Dubrovnik and it should be on your list of don’t miss places.



Our travel crew actually stumbled upon the bar on our first visit. This is the only time that i have ever blindly followed strangers into basically a hole in the wall. Everyone else was going in so why wouldn’t we? Your initial reaction as you reach the other side of the wall says it all.



This place is a little difficult to find if you are actually looking for it. The easiest way I arrived back here was to walk from Gundulic Square where the daily market is held. You will need to climb up the Jesuit Stairs which you will recognize from Game of Thrones if you are a fan.

From the top, go left toward the wall past a little restaurant and then take a right to keep following the wall. From there you’ll see the yellow “cold drinks” sign. Follow it up a short distance until you see the small hole in the wall with people spilling in.


Buza Is Like No Bar You Have Been To Before



Once you enter you will arrive at steep narrow stairs which lead down to the bar. There will be tons of people standing here gawking.  You may need to work a bit to make your way around them to get to the actual bar area.



Despite the breathtaking view from the bar and the fact that you will never want to move if you can garner a good spot there are a few things you should know about Buza. Once a very secret spot, this place can get very crowded.



You will want to try to arrive earlier if possible especially if you plan on partaking in the sunset. During the day Buza will be full but people come and go. Once it is near sunset then people seem to sort of crowd in and all compete for the best place to watch.



The Buza bar only serves drinks and no food as well as they don’t take cards. So, be sure to bring cash, and plenty of it. Drinks are around 42 HRK which is around $6.50 per beer.



A lot of people complain that it is pricey. To me it is not much different than any other place inside the Old City where you can expect higher prices.

Don’t really expect good service here either. You are here for the view. On our many visits to Buza bar we enjoyed many Ozjuskos, none of which were cold as advertised. Also if you order wine be prepared to drink it out of a plastic cup.


The Down Low On The Bathrooms At Buza


One reason you might not want to stay at Buza too long, despite the fact that it can get expensive is that there is no bathroom. There is a small cabinet near the end of the cliff where you can go in case of emergencies.



It has a tiny pot on the ground so if you are really brave that is your option. I personally opted to return back inside the city walls and pray that a kind waiter would let me use the bathroom inside a restaurant.



If you have a few extra dollars to spend and want to get a spectacular view then Buza bar is the place. I honestly feel like this should be on a bucket list of places to have a drink. There is not much more fulfilling than enjoying Ozjuskos while overlooking the Adriatic Sea.


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