If you are heading to Dubrovnik, chances are you plan to ride the Dubrovnik cable car to the top of Mount Srd. Here is my run down on when to visit, how much it costs, and what to expect.


The Best Time To Go



The cable car opens daily at 9am regardless of season. After a few attempts to ride and being discouraged by the long lines in the middle of the day, I quickly learned that going first thing in the am is the ideal time if you wish to avoid large crowds and get to the top quickly.

If you do decide to visit in the morning I suggest you head to the bakery right across from the Cable Car entrance. Grab yourself a latte and a pastry. We never knew exactly what we were ordering and usually just pointed and said “I will have one of those”.



Prices for The Cable Car


A round trip ticket on the cable car will currently cost you 150 Kuna. This is about $23USD at the moment. A one way ticket is also available for 85 Kuna, but this would leave you with finding an alternate way down Mount Srd. There is a road that comes up behind the observatory at the top of the mountain so cars are able to access the area.



Payment can be made in hard cold Croatian cash (Kunas) and the kiosk also accepts credit cards. If you wish you get cash there is also an ATM near the aforementioned bakery. We find this location safe and reliable during our stay.


Traveling To The Top



The actually trip to the top of the mountain seems very brief. The actually time in transit is less than four minutes so be prepared with your camera when you board and try to get a place near the window. Each car holds around 32 passengers so it can be easy to get stuck in the middle with a subpar view on the way up.




The View From Hill Srd



The top Cable Car Station is situated on the Hill Srđ. The view is magnificent as you probably imagined. From here you can view the entire Old Town of Dubrovnik. There are also breathtaking views of the Adriatic sea and Elaphiti Islands.



In the summer the cable car runs until midnight so checking out the city from above at sunset or even at night is a great option. Since it can be a bit pricey to ride the cable car up multiple times, don’t forget that you can always take a car to the back of the observatory.


What to do at the top



Besides standing with your mouth open in awe of the magnificent view there are a few other ways to spend your time at the top.

The Panorama restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine and an exquisite wine list. It can be found on the upper level. This would be a great place for dinner reservations for a romantic evening.



You will also find a gift shop, an off road buggy excursion and for those that like to be active, a hiking trail that will lead you to Fort Strinčjera.

At the price of $23 there has been a lot of debate on if the Cable Car is really worth it. Personally, I think that it is a must have experience when you are visiting Dubrovnik. If you are wondering if this should be on your must do list, the answer is yes.

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