I have had a lot of side hustles over the years. Even as far back as 15 years ago I was selling stuff on ebay for extra money to buy more stuff on ebay with.

There are some jobs or careers where you are going to hit a salary cap eventually and the dental field is one of them. I am never going to work there long enough to become a dentist (shame that isn’t how it works huh?)

At any rate I have continued to use side hustles over the years to make some extra income to be able to pay off debt, buy a frivolous item, or even pay for my travels.

The extra work has always been well worth it to me. I am also the type that likes to have a creative outlet so finding something where I can express myself while creating an income is a bonus.

Finding The Time To Side Hustle

If you work 9-5, or even 7:30-5 like most do you are probably exhausted when you get home from work. By the time you get home from work, go to the gym, shower and make dinner there is no time for hanging out let alone trying to make some extra money to do fun stuff. So I have come up with a list of tips that you can use to maximize your time and work your side hustle into your day.

Utilize The Right Software

Keeping up to the minute notes on ideas, blog posts, to do lists can make you more productive. I use Evernote to help keep my thoughts all in one place. They offer a great desktop version along with a handy app that will sync to keep all your ideas together.

Project Management software such as Trello or Asana can also keep your productivity at its maximum. Use either of these platforms to keep your day, projects, or clients organized and flowing nicely.

I utilize many other tools in my side projects but these are the two that keep me on track as far as time and project management. Some people even like to just carry a notebook with them to keep track of everything there.

woman working from coffee shop

Find Extra Pockets Of Time

When I was working full time, two days a week I would take an hour long lunch break, and the other days I would have two 15 minute breaks for which to do with whatever I please. This added up to an extra three hours per week that I could be writing, replying to emails, or brainstorming my next greatest idea.

It would never take me the entire time to eat so I decided that I could use the time wisely. I personally would work from my car or the break room with my iPad and bluetooth keyboard. This was a much easier option than lugging my computer to work each day.

Set Side Time On The Weekends

When you are working all week for someone else, spending the weekend packaging etsy orders or mystery shopping isn’t how you want to spend your weekend. Set aside a few hours of each day during the weekend (perhaps while the rest of your family sleeps) and get your work done then. Set a timer and when time is up it is time to go and enjoy your time however you please.

Get Help

Have your friends or family help with your latest project. If you sell on etsy your spouse can help with printing shipping labels or packing lists. One way I found to save time back when I had an Etsy shop was to get everything together and package while we sit watching tv.

I would package orders while my spouse put on the label. We would be able to create a steady workflow while still spending quality time together and getting to enjoy whatever is on Netflix.

Be Dedicated

Whether you are using your current side hustle as additional income or trying to build it into a full time gig always remember your why. It can be easy to tire of your project when you also know you have a million other things you need to do.

Keep your focus on WHY you are doing this. Is it so that you can travel somewhere amazing? Buy more beauty supplies? Quit your day job and tell your boss to suck it? Whatever it is just remind yourself that you have a purpose and stick with your project.

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