Christmas is right around the corner and that means it is time to be thinking of buying gifts for your favorite traveler. These practical Holiday gift ideas for travelers will help your recipient in their quest to tick off their bucket list.

As the years drag on it can be harder and harder to buy for people. Especially travelers, who often prefer to collect experiences rather than things. I have put together this simple guide of useful items that any traveler would love to have.


Backpack for DSLR Camera

One of my favorite recent travel purchases is my backpack that holds my DSLR camera safety. In the past I always had to hope that my camera was ok just floating about my regular Jansport or tote. This great camera bag has a special insert and sizable compartments to carry accessories and lenses.


I use this bag as part camera back and part carry on when traveling as it can also hold my laptop and a few other essentials. A charge pack can also be inserted into the side so that you can charge your phone right from your backpack.


Travel Pillow

Sometimes I go on and on about the travel pillow but I seriously love having one. I don’t even care how ridiculous I look with it snapped to my backpack. A friend even received one as a gift from me for a recent birthday. They are just that handy. 


Before I got the travel pillow I would try to wedge myself up against the window or hope my head didn’t flop around when I was trying to snooze on flights. I don’t worry about that anymore since I have a super soft memory foam travel pillow that cradles my head and neck perfectly.


Personalized Luggage Tag

Everyone has a luggage tag, but not everyone has something clever or personalized. Look into getting a special luggage tag for your favorite traveler so that they can identify their bag from miles away. My favorites are the oversized tags like this Watermelon Luggage Tag from Century 21. They also offer some fun colorful options.

Travel Document Holder

Cute passport holders are all the rage, but I honestly get a little annoyed when I am made to take my passport out of it. This has happened on more than one occasion. It has made me not want to really even place my passport in the holder at all.

I have compromised by finding an awesome travel document holder. Not only does this holder keep your passport snug, but you also have a place to hold boarding passes and other travel info. Your favorite traveler will appreciate not having to dig in their bag every time they need their important info.


Luggage Scale

Packing within weight regulations is a big deal these days. Having a luggage scale on hand can help things be much less stressful when it comes to packing. This tiny scale is light enough for travelers to throw into their luggage. Unfortunately the weight restrictions apply on the return flight as well, when you usually have much more stuff.

Loop Travel adapter

The loop travel adapter is amazing because it actually replaces more than one product. Not only is the loop adapter compatible in over 200 countries, it also includes several USB ports so you no longer need to carry all of those annoying blocks.

The loop adapter makes an excellent stocking stuffer and will get so much use from anyone that travels internationally. I use this one to charge my phone, computer, ipad and kindle all at one time!



I have said before and will reiterate that I never go anywhere, even on long car rides without my Kindle Oasis. I used to think that I could make due reading on my iPad, but my eyes would get so tired from the bright screen.

Travelers will love having options of what to read without having to lug a book around the airport. The Kindle holds more books than I care to ever read in a lifetime, and the best part is that the Oasis is waterproof. Perfect for accidents by the pool, or random days when you want to read and drink champagne on holiday.


Travel Jewelry Case

On a recent trip I was explaining to a friend how I never brought jewelry when I traveled because it was too hard to keep up with. She showed me her classy jewelry stash, in a ziplock baggie. I cringed at the thought of having to untangle everything in that bag each time I wanted to wear something.

When her birthday rolled around, I picked her up this awesome travel jewelry case, and one for myself as well. The traveler in your life will appreciate being able to accessorize without having to worry about tiny bits and bobbles getting lost or tangled.


Compass Jewelry

If you are going to get the jewelry case you might as well get something nice to put in it? You can’t just give someone an empty box after all. Encourage your favorite traveler to indulge in their wanderlust with a piece of compass jewelry.

There is a large selection so you are sure to find something in the style and metal that your recipient can appreciate. If they hate it you can always send it to me.


Scratch off map

One of the coolest things around are scratch off maps. They are a great way to track your journey and show off where you have been.

Scratch off maps are excellent way for travelers to showcase where they have been in a lively visual way to friends & family. You’ll be able to see EXACTLY where the highlights of each trip unfolded, and they will be able to plan their next adventure based on what needs to be scratched off next.


Traveler’s Journal

If the traveler on your list is anything like me they will appreciate a nice journal where they can capture memories of their adventures. This leather notebook is great because it is stylish and compact.

This particular notebook is also refillable, lending to endless exploration and ideas. I love having a notebook handy when traveling so that I can jot down ideas, memories, and always my food and drinks!

Hopefully these travel inspired gifts have encouraged you to help out your favorite traveler with some practical gifts that they will use and love. Have you purchased something super useful and practical for someone that you know who loves to travel? I would love to hear about it.

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