There are so many places that you can find in Dubrovnik to have a decent meal. We found Steakhouse Domino while exploring the narrow streets of Old Town. We made a reservation knowing that it would be a great choice for our last dinner in Dubrovnik.


About The Restaurant


Steakhouse Domino is actually located near the very center of Old Town. You will find it not far off the main street. It is actually a very small restaurant inside from what I could tell with most of the seating on the outside terrace.



The terrace is surrounded by the rock walls of the medieval residences in a very quiet part of the city. As we dined there was never indication that we were in a city as bustling as Old Town Dubrovnik.

The Menu and Food

The steakhouse’s menu is filled with Dalmatian inspired starters and entrees. Fish and other seafood make up the largest part like many restaurants in the area. Domino also offers a large variety of meat entrees and cuts of steak.



For starters I went with the black risotto with cuttlefish. Not being much of a seafood lover I was a little worried about the outcome.

Black Risotto is made with squid ink with has a very distinctive flavor. One that I had never experienced before. I knew that since this risotto was such a speciality to the region that I would really be missing out if I didn’t try it.



We also got the cheese platter, which featured three lovely cheeses. We found on many occasions dining in Dubrovnik no one could tell us what kind of cheese it was. So we just ate the cheese.



For my main course Filet Steak “Domino” seemed appropriate. Besides the fact that I was intrigued at the lyonnaise potatoes, the house named filet seemed like the way to go.



My travel partner went with the Fillet Mignon “Hubertus”, which included three filet medallions. It was covered in bacon and a lovely pepper sauce. The medallions were also paired nicely with roasted potatoes.


The Service at Domino

The service at Domino was excellent. It was probably the best service we had in all of Dubrovnik while dining. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and attentive.

He was never missing when we needed a top off on our wine or water. He had a little help from the staff since we were a larger table but for the most part he never missed a beat when it came to making sure we had everything we needed.



Of all of the places we dined in Dubrovnik, I was sad that we found this little gem on our last night. It was the quietest and friendliest of all the places we found our entire trip. If you want a decent meal, great wine and excellent service then add Domino to your list of meals while visiting.

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