Depending on where you are staying in Dubrovnik, you may find that you need some type of transportation to navigate the city. But what is the best mode of transportation when it comes to needing to get around in Dubrovnik?


What Is The Best Mode Of Transportation In Dubrovnik?


While our villa in Dubrovnik was just a short 1,500 or so stairs from Old Town we managed to find that walking was usually our easiest way to navigate the city. Depending on the weather and your willingness, this is most likely the mode you will also choose if you are staying in or near Old Town.

But what if you care to venture to the other side of town or have timely reservations that you need to make? Is it easier to grab a taxi or perhaps just call Uber?

Taxis are easy to find near the city center. Anywhere near the gates of the wall or near the cable car it can be very simple to find a taxi. Since these are areas that are usually heavily populated with tourists you should be able to find one sitting and waiting for a fare.


Don’t Assume The Old Fashioned Way Is The Best Way


Since we had never visited Dubrovnik before we automatically assumed that getting around by taxi would be the most efficient and affordable way to get to our destination. We found a taxi in front of the bakery across from the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

Our destination was Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, which was about 7.5km away. The entire taxi ride took us about 25 minutes since traffic can be a little rough in the middle of the city. The streets are all one way and seem to get very congested near the old city regardless of the time of day.



Our grand total upon arrival at the hotel was 154 Kuna or roughly $24 USD. We didn’t really think much about the price to be honest. Mainly because we were traveling and often just assume that everything will be expensive.

Once we arrived at the hotel we started talking to one of the ladies that worked with the Blue Planet Dive center. When we told her we had taken a taxi she laughed at us.

“Always take Uber or Ecocar” she told us. “They are much, much cheaper.”


Taking The Advice Of A Local


So on our way back to the villa we tested her advice. Since we did not know anything about Ecocar and already had the Uber app installed that is the route we went.

The ride home was similar in distance, since the Cable Car was actually just a few steps from our AirBNB. The price however was a drastic decrease.

Our grand total for the Uber ride back was 54.21 Kunas, which at the time converted to about $8.33. Almost one third of the price we had paid to actually get to the hotel! We were astonished by the difference.

While I know it isn’t always true for every destination, I do think that Uber is pretty consistent across the board when it comes to prices. I would recommend using them or your preferred ride share app when traveling in places where a car is necessary to get around.

Stick To The Apps


While I personally prefer to use Lyft, they are not available in all of the countries I manage to visit. I recommend downloading the Uber and Lyft apps prior to your travels and setting up an account in case the need arises that you will need to use them. (Using my link to LYFT also gets you $50 in free rides if you are a first time user!)

If you are unsure of the best mode of transportation in your destination, it is always helpful to do a little research before traveling. When it comes to Dubrovnik the clear winner is ride sharing and it will save you tons.

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