One of the neat activities available for the more adventurous types to experience in Dubrovnik is to SCUBA dive for your wine. Edivo is an underwater winery that offers tours of their cellars under the Adriatic Sea.


You Don’t Have To Be SCUBA Certified


A friend of mine had recently gotten SCUBA certified before our trip to Croatia so she decided that this would be a once in a lifetime activity. I thought that I would write a bit about this experience so that you will know what to expect if you do decide to partake on this adventure.



First know that you don’t have to be certified however to participate in this underwater wine tour. You just need a little bit of adventure and be willing to spend a large part of your day with the training.

My travel partner did the dive at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, where this experience is hosted by Blue Planet Diving Center. Another friend and I went along to document the action.



We easily found the dive center after arriving at the hotel. There are signs that direct you to the proper place but the hotel staff is more than happy to help you out.


Blue Planet Dive Center


The staff at Blue Planet are also very friendly and helpful. My friend had originally canceled her reservation but decided the morning of that she would go again. Blue Planet told her that was no issue at all and to come on over.



Another friend and I tagged along to the dive platform which is actually just behind the Hotel Palace Dubrovnik. They had no issues with us hanging out while our friend got geared up. It was great because we were able to see a little bit of what was involved with the whole process.



Since my friend was the only one doing the winery dive that afternoon she got a private tour. Her and one of the very friendly PADI instructors were the only ones on her trip out to sea.


Viewing The Winery


The instructor even carries a GOPRO with them so that they can make sure to catch all of the action. My friend was able to download these very shortly after resurfacing.



One of the few things that they don’t make very clear when you go on the dive is that you don’t actually get wine. The dive doesn’t include the wine in the casks . You are just paying for the dive itself, your gear rental, and entrance into the winery.



My friend ended up grabbing a huge barnacle covered cask and bringing it back to shore. That is what she thought she went out there for and no one told her different.


The Wine Costs Extra


Once she returned to shore the lady that ran the dive shop told her that she could get her a different one because the one she brought up would probably smell soon. She said the cost of the wine would be somewhere around 2500 kunas. That comes out to about $380.



Even though that seemed like an exorbitant amount for wine you had to go fetch yourself she still wanted something to take home. She was able to purchase a bottle of the Navis Mysterium in a special wooden box for much less (around $82).

After the dive I was a little sad that I had decided to forgo it. Diving under the Adriatic Sea for wine is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.



If you are considering experiencing this underwater winery you will want to make sure that you set aside at least a day if you are not currently certified in diving. Even the diving itself can be somewhat strenuous so you may just feel like resting the rest of the day.

Overall I feel like this is one of those must do activities to experience while visiting Dubrovnik. It is especially great for those who like to stay active while traveling and enjoy a little bit of adventure (and wine).

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