Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik is on the list of every tourist that visits Old Town. On our recent visit we made it a priority to spend the morning finding out what all the fuss was about.

What To Expect When Walking The Walls



Dubrovnik is an amazing city already on it’s own. Breathtaking views are what draws the nearly 5 million visitors there each year. Walking the Walls should be on your must do list when you are here.

If you plan to walk the wall be sure to do this as early or late as possible. This will help you to avoid the larger crowds. They are usually heaviest mid day and throughout the early afternoon.



Even at the the end of the busy season, Old Town itself can still get quite crowded as the day goes on. This is due to many tourists coming in from cruise ships.


The History of Dubrovnik


The Walls Of Dubrovnik are the defensive walls that were built around the city in the middle ages. These walls have been maintained and used for centuries to protect the city from intruders.



I really would have liked to learn more about the history of the walls and the city of Dubrovnik. If I return in the future I will make more of an effort to learn a bit more. Most recent trips seem to be focused on the food and drinks experience. I often return home to wish that I had learned more about the city itself.

We spent a few hours on a very windy morning walking the Walls. We entered through the Ploce Gate which isn’t very far from one of the entrances to get to the top of the wall.



There is another entrance on the other side called the Buza Gate. Here you will see other people coming onto the wall  and merging into the crowd. There is also an exit in this area if you think you have seen enough for the day.


Admission and Facilities on The Wall

Entrance to the wall is around 150HRK which is around $23. You can expect to spend about two hours exploring this different perspective of the city depending on how quickly you walk.

There are a few offshoots where you can actually take the wall up further to specific lookout points. These are great if you have the energy and want to take in all that the walls have to offer.



Be sure to use the restroom before you get up on the wall. The day we visited I went into the tiny shop that housed one of the only toilets on the wall. I was told that I would need to buy something before I used the restroom.

This isn’t really a problem for me.  It is easy to understand that they don’t have the capacity to have an actual public restroom. After grabbing some cash to purchase a water I went back inside the shop. Then I waited almost 5 minutes while the shopkeeper took photos of two female tourists.

After the photoshoot, he proceeded to scroll through all the photos with them looking at which ones they liked. I know he saw me walk in.  I had walked right past him and the shop is very small. He still continued to talk and flirt with them ignoring the fact that I was standing there, waiting to make a purchase.



Looking back I should have just went into the toilet while he was clearly distracted with his part time job as photographer. In the future I wouldn’t wait and will just go right in if I am not waited on properly. But hey, you live and learn.


Other Tips and Tricks For Maneuvering The Walls



On the side of the wall near the Adriatic Sea there is actually a small cafe (called Caffe on The Wall). This is an easy place to stop for a coffee or snack. If you can manage to find a spot it is a great place to rest and enjoy a beer and the view on a warm day.

Be prepared to pay elevated prices of course on the wall. A bottle of water that you will pay 5-9 kunas for in town will easily cost you 13-15 on the wall.



Good shoes are a must if you want to enjoy yourself on the walls or really anywhere in Old Town. My friend and I wore Toms which almost proved fatal. We ended up sliding all over the stone walls that had been smoothed down from centuries of use. Any comfortable walking shoe with traction on the soles should do just fine.



Some of the walkways on top of the wall are very steep and narrow. Adding the slickness of the smoothed rocks is a terrible combination. I honestly thought I was going to lose it going down a few steep passageways. I love my Toms but they are not made for navigating areas like Old Town Dubrovnik.


Add To Your Bucket List



An audio or guided tour is an excellent idea if you want to learn more about the history of the city. If I return to Dubrovnik I think that would be the option I would choose.

Knowing more about the history while traveling to new places is part of what gives it that awe factor and I thoroughly believe that is part of the reason that I didn’t enjoy Croatia as much as I thought I would.



If you decide to walk the wall make sure to give yourself plenty of time. You will want to see all that this ancient landmark has to offer.  The Walls of Dubrovnik are truly an amazing sight.


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